My Poetry Corner

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Death to me is but a door,
To close behind me, nothing more
But life won't let me enter in
Yet all around is growing dim

All my life I see before me
I see no hope, no destiny
This world is cruel. I want no part
Of it. Oh death please claim my heart

Claim my soul, yea all of me
Take my life and let me be
Give me a coffin, lined soft as fleece
And add these words, "Rest In Peace"

"And life, I'll ne'er more bother thee.

Who is Marion Kerr?

My name is Marion Kerr. I am a married woman, been married three times, have seven children all grown up. I have always loved to write, even in public school. English was always my favourite subject, because there I could express what I thought, and how I felt about things. I was never good at speaking, being a little on the shy side, but I would and could put into words what I was not always good at saying on paper. As far as working, I do what I can get to do at home on my computer. I love clerical work, and data entry is at best my favourite job. The reason I work from home is because of my physical limitations. I have severe arthritis, which makes it difficult for me to walk, and I am in need of two operations. When I go out, it is generally in a wheelchair or using a walker. I have found that most places don't want to hire you when you in a wheelchair or using a walker, so I try to work from home.